A Big Engagement!

A Big Engagement!

Big news! I’m engaged, which means I need to start saving for a wedding! It’s time to go back to my budget, take a long look and make some adjustments.

I looked back on my spending for the month of September and I overspent in the restaurant category. I’ll be eliminating that one quickly! No more fast food! My monthly budget for restaurants is $15. I spent $70! Oops…  I did better in October, kinda. I spent $50 on fast food! Geez, what’s wrong with me!? I need to watch it.  It would help if I planned my meals better. Especially my work meals.

I’ve been working on putting aside a set amount of money every paycheck into savings so I can build up a bit of a reserve for wedding expenses. So far it has helped.

I’m excited to start planning and starting the next chapter in my life!

With all of the expenses and debt in my life, I don’t have a lot of “extra” money to put toward this event. So, I’ve come up with some side hustles to hopefully help pay for this event!
Side hustles to help fund our wedding include:

Teespring- Just Right Tees

Etsy- Homemade Bliss Gifts
Etsy Shop

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I began writing in 2012. Though it doesn't show here, my writing now isn't the same as it was then. Over time I have learned more about myself. I learned that my life has gotten busy and cluttered but I'm working every day to make a change for the better. Make everyday count, love those around you. I plan to live intentionally. Hope you enjoy!

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