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Easy Broccoli Growing Hack

Easy Broccoli Growing Hack

A couple of years ago, I tried growing broccoli in my garden. I love broccoli and was hoping to get a decent crop of them. I planted the seeds in the ground and kept them well watered as I should have. I kept my eye on them every day until they sprouted out of the ground. They were very strange looking. The sprouts were very thin and had tiny leaves on the top. They looked very frail. I was afraid that they would break and not survive.

Weeks went by and the broccoli plants began grow bigger. They looked strong and healthy. Each of my broccoli plants grew great big leaves. I think I could also tell where the broccoli itself was going to come from. I was so excited! Unfortunately, just after their big leaves had developed, my broccoli was attacked by evil villains called cabbage loopers. 

I tried to save my broccoli by picking off all of the caterpillars and taking them far far away so that they wouldn’t bother my plants anymore. But sadly, they would always come back or there would be others not far behind.  Soon it was too late and my once luscious green broccoli leaves were gone. All that was left were the veins in the leaves. I had to uproot all of my broccoli plants because I thought they would never produce broccoli.


That was not going to happen this year!

I wanted to try broccoli again. I know a fellow gardener who grew broccoli last year and had some success. So I’m going to be trying it again, but this year will be different!

I grew my broccoli in 5 gallon buckets! Remember those buckets I used for my potatoes last year? I reused them and planted broccoli in two of the four buckets. I filled my buckets about halfway with soil and then added plenty of seeds in the soil. Once the seeds sprouted I thinned them out so they wouldn’t crowd. I ended up leaving one or two broccoli plants in each of the buckets, depending on where the plants sprouted.broccoli in a bucket

I was going to purchasing some netting to covered my buckets and plants to keep the caterpillars out, but I didn’t need to. 

Unfortunately, there is a down side to this method. Since I only grew broccoli in two buckets, I only got 2 heads. If you plan on using this method, be sure to use more buckets for a bigger harvest!

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