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Garage Sale Downsize Success

Garage Sale Downsize Success

I’m three months late writing this but better late than never! As many of you may know, I’ve been working on downsizing and decluttering my life. This process has been going on for months! I had wanted to do this for quite some time but had no idea where to begin. I discovered the minimalists and watched their documentary. It gave me a little inspiration and some ideas about where to start. I went to their website and found the 30-day minimalist game.

On April 8th I had my last garage sale, I hope, for a while! I had three sales. March 25th, April 1st, and 8th.

I made quite a bit of money from the whole thing. Each sale got better and better. Let me explain:

On March 25th- all I did to advertise my sale was put signs out on the busier streets directing them to the house. I can’t recall how much I made that day but it was close to $50. (it rained during this sale)

April 1st- I put out the signs again as last time but I also did a little bit of advertising online for the last two hours of the sale.

For my last and final sale, I put out the signs again! This time the night before, I put something online about it and was specific in mentioning that I had a lot of kids clothing to get rid of. This time I had a ton of people come to check out the kids clothing! I got rid of so much!  This last sale was the best one. I think I made over $100.

Selling outgrown clothing

Overall, I think I ended up earning almost $300 and it ended up being a great credit card payment. [I may have also used a tiny bit of the money to celebrate with a dinner out at my favorite restaurant] I didn’t spend over $20!!  Most importantly, I unpacked at least twenty-two boxes of things and stuff I no longer wanted or needed. When all of the garage sales were done, I packed 6 boxes back up! Only 6! I started with 22- How incredible!


I am so very pleased with my results! Everything that didn’t sell was either donated or taken to my grandmothers to try to find a new home where she is. I emptied 8 totes of kids clothes from the attic and I feel so much lighter & happier!

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