Garden Compost Contemplation

Garden Compost Contemplation

As a gardener, I want to only add good, natural things into my garden. I don’t want to use any chemicals, especially if I’m growing a vegetable garden. I’m going to be eating what comes out of it. I also try to be earth conscience too. You know, going green, encouraging soil and water conservation, reducing pollution.

Two years ago, when I had my squash bug infestation, I didn’t want to buy any expensive “bug killer” to douse my plants with! It would have gotten into the soil and my other plants would have absorbed the chemicals. Plus, depending on what I had gotten, it might have been expensive. Instead, I made my own mixture and used it on my plants. No chemicals were involved!

I thought maybe this year I might try to keep a compost pile. That way, I can work it into my garden each year. I currently know very little about compost piles. I do know that they consist of plants and things that can decompose. I also know that you should probably keep the compost in something or it may smell.

Nonetheless, whether you agree with me or not on this issue, I have made it my personal choice to not use chemicals in the garden. I have a lot to learn on this subject and I plan on starting my research soon. I want to know what the benefits of compost are, where to keep the compost, what tools I might need, etc. I’d like to cover all the basics first before deciding if I should take on the task. I have a lot of questions: How do you start? How do you get a compost pile started? What materials do you need? So much more! I have work to do!

What advice would you offer a newbie? 


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