Our Little Baby Robins

Our Little Baby Robins

Every year for the past two years, at least, we have had robins lay eggs in a tree near our house. Lucky for us, the tree isn’t very tall and you can see right into the nest! We got to watch them grow for two weeks! Read more to see pictures!¬†This year my family noticed that a mother bird was sitting on her eggs. On May 9th we realized that the eggs had hatched.

There were 3 eggs to begin with, but only two babies. Sadly, we weren’t sure what happened to the third egg. Sometimes when we would go to the backyard to play, we would accidentally scare mama bird.. that is when I would sneak over to snap a picture. We tried not to scare her constantly, which might be another reason why I didn’t take a picture every day.


May 9th – 5:49 pm


May 12th – 4:12 pm

I tried to go out every evening to check on them or take a picture. But it was raining on one of the nights, and we were busy on other nights so that didn’t happen.

May 13th- 3:03 pm


May 14th- 6:36 pm


May 17th- 6:13 pm


May 20th – 5:56 pm


May 21st – 6:04 pm

Shortly after taking this picture, my dad scared this little guy out of the nest while he was mowing. He or she got away OK! You could hear the other robins chirping at the little bird as if to tell him he will be fine or maybe trying to give flying lessons.

It was crazy to see how fast these little guys grow! They were in that nest for at least two weeks, maybe even a few days longer. It was really fun to watch. I’m hoping this happens again next year.

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