Pre-Wedding Planning

Pre-Wedding Planning

Congratulations, You’re engaged!

Now what? I had many people; friends & family asking when the big day was. We had barely been engaged for a day. There was no way to know that soon! Within 2 weeks we had decided we either wanted a spring or fall wedding. We also learned a thing or two about planning a large event like this.

Beginning planning tips:

1. Guest list- Making the guest list is a pretty important one! If you have a large list book a place that is big enough to hold that number of people. Getting a head count is important. Once the list is decided, then that will help narrow your search by taking out the venues that are too big or too small.

2. Budget- Budget is another big thing to keep in mind. It can be easy to go overboard. You should be expected to spend a fortune on your wedding. Spend what you feel comfortable spending. Make a budget and stick to it!

3. Wedding Apps & Binders- These are great resources to use to help keep everything organized and help tell you what needs to be done next. The internet is loaded with free printables. I was going to go this route but ended up purchasing a binder to use because my printer wasn’t working for some reason and wouldn’t print my sheets. In hindsight, I should have printed my binder. It would have been cheaper. My binder cost me $25-$30. However, it does have extra tips in it. Home-printed binders may not have this information.

These are the top 3 items I would recommend doing first before diving into wedding planning.

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