This Years Garden Blunders

This Years Garden Blunders

This year has been a busy one and fast one! This year, I started a new job in March! I’m enjoying it so far. It keeps me busy during the week. I’m still working on paying off debt. I still have a long way to go to pay that off.

I finally got my garden started in May but it may have been too late. We planted Spinach and Lettuce after we had a lot of rainfall. It’s been fairly warm out and these are not warm weather crops. We harvested what we could then threw the plants out.

I planted green beans, tomatoes, and zucchini. They were doing fairly well until I went out of town for a week. While I was gone weeds took over the garden and no one pulled them while I was away.  I had tried to tackle them once I got back but got tired because there were so many! Now, the weeds have choked out all of the zucchini plants and the green bean plants. So sad.

My tomato plant never got much bigger and didn’t produce many tomatoes. I maybe picked 2 ripe tomatoes off of it this year.

Needless to say, I let the garden go this year. I didn’t intend to but it happened.  Here were my mistakes:
1. Late planting Lettuce and Spinach
2. Let weeds grow out of control

These were my biggest blunders this year. But, I’m creating a battle plan for next year though! My garden will be much better, you’ll see.

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