What to Expect at a Bridal Show

What to Expect at a Bridal Show

Soon after getting engaged, my fiancé and I went to a bridal show where we could meet with vendors for the wedding. I found out about the show a few days beforehand and decided to go at the last minute. I was so excited to be going to the event! I had no idea what to expect upon arrival. Here are a few things I wish I had known before attending.

What to Expect

1. The number one thing I recommend is buying tickets in advance. They are generally a little cheaper than paying at the door.
2. Crowds- it was fairly crowded there. It was a fairly large room, but there wasn’t a lot of space to move around in between some of the smaller booths.
3. A lot of vendors were trying to throw a lot of information at you at one time. If you aren’t ready to find a photographer yet, don’t talk to them. Make that list, and focus on each item one at a time.

Before you go, try to seek out a list of vendors you would like to speak with. (They usually provide one online) If you are looking for florists or photographers, look for those on the list. Once you know who you want to speak to, you should be able to find them on the event map, if you’re given one.

I didn’t make a plan before going in and became overwhelmed very quickly. After taking a step back and refocusing, we decided we needed to focus on finding venue representatives. We didn’t have a venue yet!

*Side note: We received a bag upon arriving and we found out later that there was a map inside of the bag showing which vendors are where. When we first got there, we spent at least 30 minutes just looking around.

At the end of the day, we ended up talking to 3 different venues and gathered bits of information from florists, tuxedo rentals, and other vendors. I would definitely advise that you have a plan of action and study which vendors are going to be at the event! It should make the trip a lot smoother.

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