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What to Grow in a Wind Tunnel

What to Grow in a Wind Tunnel

I’m sure you saw this title and thought, “What on earth are you talking about?!” When you live in a neighborhood, you know that space between the houses? In case you didn’t notice, wind may or may not be rushing between the houses. At my house, I call this the wind tunnel.

What is a wind tunnel? A wind tunnels is a large tube with air moving inside. The air inside these wind tunnels move very fast. This sounds like a terrible place to grow anything right? Right!

When my family first started talking about building a garden, my parents didn’t want it out in the middle of the yard. They wanted it on the side of the yard or close to the house. We finally agreed to put both gardens on the east side of the house. That way the plants would get morning and afternoon sun, then have shade in the evening.

We built the first garden away from the house, along the edge of the property and the other garden bed near by next to the house. I feel the bed closest to the house wasn’t the best. In the spring and summer the wind rushes through there so quickly it knocks everything over.

When the wind is blowing at 40-50 miles an hour it can uproot small trees that are planted in these areas. Last year, the wind blew over my tomato plant. The stakes I used weren’t strong enough to hold up the plant in the wind. I was disappointed and I didn’t get very many tomatoes that year. The year before that the wind flattened my green bean plants and breaking several of them in half.

This year I used a much stronger stake near my tomatoes and planted my tomato plant in the garden bed that’s away from the house. I hope that does better.

What to grow

If you’re planting in a “wind tunnel” I suggest planting things that grow underground, or maybe even flowers that grow low to the ground. In my “wind tunnel” garden I am growing carrots and onions. There are some other options too:

  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Turnip/ Rutabaga
  • Beets
  • Radisheswind tunnel onions

I plan on trying to plant these types of plants from now on so that they, hopefully, won’t get destroyed by the high winds.

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