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Downsizing in the Closet

Downsizing in the Closet

In an effort to continue downsizing, I’ve turned my attention to my closet this week. I had craft books, cookbooks, miscellaneous items in there that I didn’t need or use. These items just sat there collecting dust over the past few years. It was time to let them go.

I cleaned out those books, the miscellaneous items, junk, and trash. I also got rid of several articles of clothing I don’t ever wear. I had to be careful though… The job I now have requires me to wear a uniform. So I can’t get rid of everything in my closet just because I’m not wearing these items every day. Those items will go into storage for now if I ever end up leaving that job one day.

The general rule I tried to use while cleaning out the closet: If I haven’t used it in a year or more, rid of it. A lot of the items I cleaned out ended up being donated. I also threw out some trash too. I was sure to donate the items that were in good shape and trashed the items that were really worn out.

My closet is a lot lighter now, and almost everything in it gets used! There are a few items that I would still like to get rid of, but I’m pacing my self for now and moving on to another section of the room.

If you want to declutter, but don’t know where to start. Try starting with one shelf, or a section of your closet.  You could even start with clothes, shoes or like items. For example, go through all of your pants first, then shirts, then shoes, etc.   Give it a try. I think you’ll feel lighter.

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