For the Love of Birthday Cards

For the Love of Birthday Cards

As a society, we like to give/get cards for birthdays, holidays and special occasions. In 2015, approximately 4,750,000,000 Hallmark cards were purchased! Christmas and Valentine’s day are the two highest ranked holiday for giving cards. I’m sure the numbers haven’t changed much in the past few years. That is a lot of cards to be dished out every year!

Past Cards

For the last 8 years or so, I have managed to save every birthday and holiday card that was ever given to my kiddo and me. I had accumulated so much that I had 4 boxes of cards. It was getting to be too much and taking up a lot of space. In 2016, I managed to let go of about half of them. I kept my Birthday, Mothers Day cards in one box and my kids birthday cards in another. I decided we didn’t need to hold onto all of the other holiday cards like; Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentines, etc.

While going through the closet recently, I made the decision to let them go for a few reasons:

  • If there were ever a fire, they wouldn’t be the first things I would grab to save.
  • The memories I have from that particular day are not in the cards themselves.
  • They were taking up space and not being enjoyed.

I went through our boxes and looked at each card. I set aside the ones that brought up memories or had personalized notes inside. The ones that seemed more generic went into the recycling pile. Of the special ones I wanted to save, I took pictures of them before recycling.

I made only a few acceptions! I found a card that had my baby’s hand and footprints inside and some with preschool/kindergarten handwriting. Those are the only few I’m holding onto for a bit longer.

Future Cards

Friends and loved ones, if you chose to continue gifting cards to me then do. I love reading the kind words inside that you add to give it a personal touch. Please know that my recycling your card does not mean I don’t care about you, nor does my keeping it affirm that I love you. Hopefully, my actions and words toward you show you that I care. I shouldn’t need to prove it with a Hallmark card. After I am done reading my card, it will go into the recycle bin after I snap a picture of your note inside.

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