What’s in your dresser? Out With the Old

What’s in your dresser? Out With the Old

I became interested in minimalism about two years ago after seeing a documentary about tiny houses and Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, last year. You can find this documentary here. A lot of what both documentaries suggested made sense. What appealed to me when I saw Minimalism was the fact that many of the people in it own fewer things. Their homes were a lot cleaner, they were debt free and very deliberate about what things they brought into their lives. I decided I wanted to try this lifestyle for myself. Feel free to follow along as I work toward a simpler life. I call it My Minimalist Journey.

It’s 2018! It’s a fresh start to a new year. I’m continuing to unclutter things from my life. The first step I’m taking in my minimalist journey this year is cleaning out my dresser. I had put this off for months and with it being January, I thought I would finally tackle it. I made sure to take the time to go through each drawer and question everything in it. Every single item.

I have 5 drawers on my dresser. After cleaning each of them out I found that its contents fell into three categories: Clothes, Paper, Miscellaneous.


Four of the 5 drawers were full clothes. One of the drawers was a sock drawer. I carefully unpacked each drawer and lay each item on the bed. There were several long sleeves and short sleeve of both shirts & pants. As I looked at the piles, I realized that I had tried to clean out my dresser just 6 months earlier. A lot of the pieces I was looking at hadn’t been worn in those 6 months. I immediately put them in the donate pile.


extra clothing
Just a sample of what I got rid of


Four of the tops that I let go of was long-sleeved. They went for 3 reasons: I hadn’t worn them in the last 6 months, they weren’t my favorite shirts, they weren’t very comfortable to me anymore.

I let go of several other t-shirts, a pair of long pants and shorts. The rest of the pieces I left in the drawers were items I was actively wearing or spring related items. Since it is now winter, I’m not going to decide right this moment if I’m going to wear the spring clothing or not. Once spring gets here and I have a chance to wear my spring clothes, I’ll slowly get rid of what I don’t end up wearing.

Lastly, I had 3 swimsuits, which I narrowed down to 2. I have a two-piece and a black one-piece. I hope to replace both someday and only have one. A suit that I like and that is an appropriate “mom suit.”


Once I got past the clothing, I went through the rest of contents in my dresser. I found old papers, instruction manuals, TV guides and expired documents. I don’t even know how they got there! To get rid of all of these I shredded and recycled them. If I found something that was important, I didn’t necessarily need to hold onto the physical paper itself. Instead, I took a picture of it with my Office Lens app. Office Lens will turn any document into a PDF for you. If I find I don’t need it later, I simply delete the photo!



I found 5 flash drives! I don’t need 5 flash drives anymore. I used them when I was in college but now they sit untouched. I plugged each of them into the computer, went through each file, saved what I wanted, and then formatted the drive. It turns out my brother wanted the flash drives I didn’t want, so he took them off of my hands.
I cleaned off the top of my dresser too. I have a handful of Lego sets that I would like to sell.

I probably cleared out 50% or more of my dresser! It was a huge relief to declutter it. After the dresser was finished I cleaned up the floor around it. Hopefully, soon, the black cart and Legos will be gone.

Clean Space Before-After

This side of my bedroom looks SO. MUCH. BETTER! I am so happy and relieved that it is clean. I now have room for the clothes that I actually wear instead of holding onto clothes that I might wear.

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I began writing in 2012. Though it doesn't show here, my writing now isn't the same as it was then. Over time I have learned more about myself. I learned that my life has gotten busy and cluttered but I'm working every day to make a change for the better. Make everyday count, love those around you. I plan to live intentionally. Hope you enjoy!

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