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When it Becomes Too Much

When it Becomes Too Much

I thought that I wanted to publish a new blog post every day. I thought that it would help my reader audience grow. By publishing every day, it would get more content out in the world. I had a plan. I found various lists of 365 writing prompts and was going to put together a string of blog posts every day.  (I only published 3 out of the 7)

But after writing several ‘writing prompt’ posts, I realized that maybe these posts weren’t going to add value to the website. It’s just going to add extra content to the site and make it harder to sift through what matters. The stuff that’s worth reading, posts of value. Not junk.

I was spending my valuable time writing all of the short posts. (I tried to get ahead of the game and write ahead of time) My writing time would be better spent creating better, more meaningful stories. Stories that someone could benefit from.

There is a chance that maybe my short “stories” were entertaining for some individuals. however, I feel I don’t need to post every day of the year just to tell a story for the sake of publishing a blog post every day.

I’m sorry if you were enjoying my daily writing, but you’ll have to suffice for my occasional, hopefully once a week, post.

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I began writing in 2012. Though it doesn't show here, my writing now isn't the same as it was then. Over time I have learned more about myself. I learned that my life has gotten busy and cluttered but I'm working every day to make a change for the better. Make everyday count, love those around you. I plan to live intentionally. Hope you enjoy!

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